Arraial de Beneficência


On the 5th of October A Charity Party (Arraial de Beneficência) was held at the Poeta Emiliano da Costa School in Estoi. The event was jointly organised by the Rotary Club Estoi Palace International and the Agrupamento de Escolas Pinheiro e Rosa to raise funds to assist a local Estoi girl Beatriz who has a very rare degenerative eye disease and her nearest treatment centre is in Spain and she has to attend every 6 months. Her parents cannot support her medical and travel costs and her university fees. The Estoi community joined together to help her.

More than 450 people attended the party. The ticket price of 5 euros included food and entertainment.  The food was prepared and donated by local people and businesses.The entertainment was provided by “Cristiano Martins”, “Rancho Folclórico de Santa Bárbara de Nexe”, “Urban xpression”, “Associação Movingstar”, “ACCC (Capoeira)”, “Duo Tânia e Teresa” and “Emanuel Martins”, who all generously also gave their time for free. Starting at 5.00 pm  the party went on until 10.00 pm.   In total 5100  €  was raised  which will support Beatriz with her medical treatment and university studies.

Both organisers are immensely grateful to everyone who provided food, entertainment and prizes and to all those who came along to support and enjoy the occasion. As it was so successful  the plan is to make this an annual event helping a different local person in need each time.


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