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Christine Fay



I was born and raised in France. Soon after completing my studies to become a lawyer, I left Paris to follow my husband to different countries where he was assigned during his career. Our three children live together with their own families in France or overseas.

When I arrived in Portugal in 2014, I came from Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates (U.A.E.), where I spent more than 25 years. In that country I established my own company, specialised in Interior decoration, which I later expanded to the other Persian Gulf countries. Before U.A.E., we lived in other countries: Sudan, Egypt, and Algeria… In each of them I always managed to find an opportunity to help people in need: desperate migrants, Asian maids, Burmese refugees, poor families, children victims of landmines and so on.

In Faro I have been elected as Co-Chair of Alliance Française, a public organisation which aims at promoting French language and culture in Algarve.

My hobbies include meeting and helping people, understanding their culture, plus good food and wine.