Rotary Virtual Cat Show Rules

Entry Process  

Although primarily focused on the Algarve, Portugal entry is open to all adult cat owners in any country except members of Rotary Club Estoi Palace International. Young people under the age of 18 should enter through their parent or guardian.

Entries and photos must be submitted online at and photos are subject to technical restrictions which apply at the time of uploading.

You may enter up to 2 photos per cat per category

Cats may be entered into any category shown on the entry form subject to the following restrictions:

  • Cutest Kitten: only cats less than 8 calendar months may be entered into this category
  • Golden Oldie: only cats aged 8 years and over may be entered onto this category
  • Best Pedigree Long haired and Short Haired categories. No documentary proof of pedigree is required but the organisers reserve the right to request proof in the event of any dispute.
  • No photo may contain an identifiable human.
  • The organisers reserve the right to disqualify any photo if they deem it inappropriate.
  • Images must be of domestic pets cared for by the entrant or the entrant’s family. Images deemed to be downloaded from the internet will be disqualified.
  • Professional photos of cats are not allowed.
  • No advertising (including obvious product placement) is allowed.

Entry is subject to a minimum donation as specified at . The organisers reserve the right to remove any photo from the photo gallery if the entrant fails to make an appropriate donation. Donations will normally be made via an online donation form which will require a debit/credit card. For other methods of payment please contact the organisers at . All donations received will be used to support Rotary charities.

You will be asked for your contact details (name, email address and  phone number) which will be collected and used in accordance with our Privacy Policy but no personal details will appear online.

Entry will be closed on the date identified at


Rotary Club Estoi Palace International will appoint 3 judges, at least one of which will be an expert in the field of cats and external to Rotary Club Estoi Palace International.

Judging will take place as soon as practical after closure of the virtual cat show.

Judging will concentrate on the content of submitted photographs rather than the inherent quality of the photos. However please ensure that all photos are at least in focus and cropped, if necessary, to show off your cat to the best advantage.


Winners will be notified using the contact details they supply as soon as practically possible after judging is complete.

Winning entries will be announced within 2 weeks of closure of the competition. This will include an announcement on the RCEPI website, an email announcement sent to all entrants, announcement in local news media and social media.

Winners will be deemed to have agreed to publicity to include name of owners, name(s) of cat and category. The organisers may ask winners to be photographed with their cat(s). Publicity will include press releases and social media exposure.


The winner of each category will receive a digital rosette and certificate.

A "Best in Show" prize will be selected from the winners of each category and will be awarded to the cat who the judges would most like to take home.


We welcome any and all sponsors for the Rotary Virtual Cat Show. This can be through donations or prizes. Prospective sponsors are asked to contact the organisers at .

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