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Presidential Handover
29 June 2021

At the end of a difficult Rotary year when many events have been cancelled due to Coronavirus restrictions it was delightful to get together at Restaurante Barbacoa, Almancil to celebrate the handover of the role of president from Uwe Jönsson to Shirley Dunne.

We were pleased to receive guests from other Algarve Rotary clubs – Olhão, Faro, Lagoa, Loulé, Lagos, Almancil, Praia de Rocha – and E-Rotary Club of Great Britain and Ireland.

Also present were guests David Thomas of Safe Communities Portugal, José Brito and Odette Sousa from Casa Do Povo Estoi, and honorary member Graham Miller of Wolf Valley Charity Fund.

Rotary Image

Club Meeting
18 February 2020

Guest speaker Diane Chantler.


Club Meeting
11 February 2020

Our guest speaker this week was David Thomas, founder of Safe Communities Portugal who spoke about domestic violence in Portugal and also gave us an update on the coronavirus.

Our member João gave a brief overview of his recent trip to India.

We welcomed visiting Rotarians Martin Ward, RC Grand Bend Canada, Mary Ruston RD 6330 Passport Club Canada and guests Jane Thomas wife of speaker, Martin Dias guest of Mina.

Richard won the weekly wine raffle.


Club Meeting
28 January 2020

We were priviledged to receive our guest speaker Chris Stretton who gave a fascinating talk on his work at OPCW (Organization for the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons) especially the work in Syria for which the organization won a Nobel Peace prize. After the talk Chris presented the club with a medallion commemorating the Nobel Peace prize award.

We were also delighted to welcome fellow Rotarians Claire Busbridge, Alexander Glennie, Fran Wallace and Allan Wallace all from RC Almancil. And a frequent guest Jim Arat and Amanda Stretton wife of the speaker.

The weekly wine raffle was won by guest Alexander.


Visit of District Governor
14 January 2020

Members were honoured to welcome Rotary District Governor Mara Duarte , PDG Abilio Lopes RC Tavira, ADG Isabel Lopes RC Tavira, Maguy Marsal President RC Lagoa, Lucien Cantineau RC Lagoa, Fatima Guerreiro RC Lagoa, Janine Dupuy RC Lagoa, Antonio Bernades, RC Olhão.

We also welcomed guests Dra Lundes Santo Pereira President of Algarve Oncology Association, Dona Maria Emilia de Brito and Marina de Brito, Pirjo Saavalainen wife of Heikki, and prospective member Mina Correia.

Our newest member Wigdis Haugaas was officialy inducted into the club, bringing with her another nationality (Norwegian) to add to the many nationalities already represented by the club. Welcome Wigdis.

President Christine Fay presented a bouquet of flowers to Dona Maria Emilia de Brito by way of a token of thanks for her generous support for our Margarida project.

The weekly wine raffle was won by visiting Rotarian Maguy Marsal.


Fellowship Event, Loulé
10 January 2020

Members and their guests enjoyed a tour of historic Loulé led by Christine Fay whose knowledge of the history of Loulé made the tour fascinating.

The tour took in the famous arabic inspired Loulé Market, the 19th century Jardim Dos Amuados, the delightful church of Nossa Senhora da Conceicao Hermitage and Loulé Castle with its views over the surrounding countryside.

We also visted the last remaining traditional shoemaker of Loulé and finished the tour by enjoying lunch at Cafe Q.


Christmas Lunch
17 December 2019

Our Christmas Lunch was held at Estoi Palace. We welcomed many guests including:
Visiting Rotarians: PDG Abilio Lopes RC Tavira, ADG Isabel Lopes RC Tavira, Fatima Guerreiro RC Lagoa, Nicole Lanier RC Lagoa.
Honorary Members: Graham Miller Wolf valley, Phil Wyndham, Kent Ringborn, Odette Sousa, Paulo Chaves Wolf Valley
Guests: Barbara Curran, Mary McClay, John Santos, Ola Dargan, Mandy Nessman, Loeter Nessman, guests of Shirley, Jill Wyndham wife of Phil, Carol Thorpe wife of Richard, Lotti Klink guest of Stefan, Gunilla Ellerstrand, Mikael Tórnvall, guests of Agnete, Guilhermina Correira, Therese Zahner wife of Peter, Inge Ringborn wife of Kent, Carlos, Francisco, Constanca Luis family of Dora, Sandra Pires, Ana Isabel Moleiro, Nick Robinson husband of Manuela, Emily Herbots daughter of Kristien.

After the meal we sang a few Chrostmas songs led by Richard, Uwe, Carol and Mina.

The wine raffle was won by Richard.


Club Meeting
19 November 2019

At this special meeting we inducted our newest member Inez Durlik. Welcome Inez!

Our guests this week were President Emanno Bertinieri, Rotary Club Olhao, Paola Bertinieri
Melanie Veah, Roderick Henderson and Vigdis Haugaas.

Our speaker was Sabrina Malone a Food Safety Auditor Consultant. She supports clients with various activities such as factory trouble shooting, root cause,analyzis and risk assessment.


Club Meeting
30 October 2019

At this meeting we welcomed our guest speaker Isabelle Trome, an expert on skin cancer, who gave an extremely informative talk on the consequences of melanoma.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Isabelle.


Evening Meeting
22 October 2019

At a busy evening meeting we were delighted to welcome guest speaker Alexandre Guedes da Silva who gave a fascinating presentation on “Hydrocarbons in the Algarve and the Climate Continuum”. Alexandre has a YouTube channel which aims to help the Algarve community build informed opinions on a important matters.

We also welcomed guest Rotarian Herminia Cristina Lamy, President of RC Albufeira together with François Fay, Therèse Zahner and Marc and Maeve Jamet.

The weekly wine raffle was won by our guest Therèse Zahner.


Club Meeting
1 October 2019

At this meeting one of our newest members Iga Pietrzak gave her Blue Ribbon talk on the subject of her project to plant trees to help combat climate change and raise money for Rotary causes.

Our member Vitor won the weekly wine raffle.


Beach Meeting
14 September 2019

As the Algarve summer starts to wind down the club held its weekly meeting at Faro Beach where members, guests and visiting Rotarians had great fun competing in beach games and a quiz. The winners were the “Pink Team” and you can see their photo, and others, by clicking on the “View Album” button below .

The games were followed by an excellent meal in the beachside restaurant Marisqueira Elementos. We took the opportunity to wish our member Uwe a happy birthday.

The weekly wine raffle was won by visiting Rotarian from RC Almancil, Raymond Parfait.


Club Meeting
6 August 2019

At this meeting President Chrisine Fay presented honorary member Zélia Rosão with a well-earned Paul Harris Fellowship award for her service to the club, school and community.

We were delighted to welcome fellow Rotarian Willem Van Milink from Rotary Club Antananarivo Madagascar together with his wife Lisette.

Our member Nicolas gave an informative and interesting presentation of the progress with the project we are supporting in Chile.

The wine raffle was won by our member Richard.


Club Meeting
2 July 2019

This was the first meeting of the new Rotary year and presided over by our new president Christine Fay.

It was also the first formal meeting of our two newest members João Martin’s and Iga Pietrzak.

We were delighted to welcome fellow Rotarians Selma Cazes and Nátalia Leal. Nátalia, who is president of RC Utrecht, exchanged banners with Chrstine.

We also welcomed Inez Durlik as a guest of our member Vitor.

The wine raffle was won by our member Peter.


Presidential Handover
28 June 2019

The Presidential Handover, where Bruno Costa handed over the presidential reigns to Christine Fay at the beautiful Vila Monte Farmhouse in Moncarapacho, was witnessed by may friends and fellow Rotarians.

For a full report please click here.


Club Meeting
18 June 2019

This was the last regular meeting to be chaired President Bruno Costa who hands over to Christine Fay during the presidential handover at Vila Monte, Moncarapacho on the 28th June.

Our members thanked Bruno for his efforts over the last 12 months and Bruno thanked the members for supporting him during his time as president.

This week’s guest speaker was our fellow Rotarian Silvério Guerreio from Rotary Club Loulé. Silvério presented a personal view of the last 15 years of Rotary in the Algarve.

We also welcomed fellow Rotarian José Galamba from Almancil, and Inez Durlik guest of our member Vitor.

The wine raffle this week was won by president-elect Christine.


Club Meeting
11 June 2019

Our guest speaker this week was Luís Coelho, Professor of Finance at The School of Economics, University of the Algarve who gave a fascinating talk entitled “Algarve Without Tourism” in which he explained that whilst tourism is extremely important to the economy of the Algarve it is also important to develop other, and potentially more sustainable, areas of the economy.

The wine raffle this week was won by our member Jack.


Branco ao Jantar
8 June 2019

On the 8th July the club held its 5th edition of the Branco ao Jantar (White Night) at the historic Museu de Traje in São Brás. As in previous years the evening was a huge success with nearly 250 people attending, and more that 5000 euros were raised to support  the Algarve Oncology Association (AOA) and CARITAS in São Brás.

Click here for a full report.


Club Meeting
21 May 2019

This week we welcomed guest Rotarians ADG Isabel Lopes RC Tavira and PDG Abilio Lopes RC Tavira. Other guests included reguar visitors João Martins, Iga Pietrzak and Dhruv Gandabhai along with Jim Arat and Sabina Malone.

Veronica was welcomed back after a short break and exchanged with President Bruno the banners she had collected from RC San José and RC Arroyo Grande.

Druv said a few words about this experience in RYLA and Iga spoke about her charity The Equity Movement which raises funds for educational support of Syrian refugee children in Jordan.

Isabel gave an informative talk about RYLA the organization and the purpose.

The weekly wine raffle was won by our guest Jim Arat.


Club Meeting
7 May 2019

President-elect Cristine Fay stood in for Bruno this week.

We were delighted to welcome our regular guests Iga Pietrzak, Druv Gandabhal and João Martins.

Our member Phil Wyndham gave a talk on the changes to Rotary legislation and the weekly wine raffle was won by Peter Zahner.


Club Meeting
16 April 2019

At a crowded meeting at the Palace of Estoi our special speaker Deputy Cristóvão Norte gave a fascinating talk about the potential impact of Brexit on the Algarve economy.

We also welcomed Honorary Member, Graham Miller;
Visiting Rotarians Veronique Cartoux, Janine Dupuy, Fatima Guerreira, Richard Stross, all from RC Lagoa International; and guests Tony Pass, Vitor Camtinho, Jose Brito, Helder Ramos, Emily and Paul
Herbots, João Martin, Mattew Bamber, Ana Carolina Fonseca, Therese Zahner, Iga Pietrzac, Helio Emidio, Tomàs Nunes, Ana Sousa, Fernanda Fleming, Martin Oakes and Gonçales Santos.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Uwe Jönsson.


Club Meeting
9 April 2019

We were delighted to welcome 3 young people, Emiele, Druv and Iga to our meeting where our member Christine Fay gave a talk about her life in the United Arab Emirates focussing on the challenges of humanitarian work in a climate of very restrictive laws. This talk was followed by our member Kristien Herbots adding some facts and figures around the provision of humanitarian aid in the UAE.

Rotarian Vitor Rosão gave a summary of the successful Solidarity Dinner held at Estoi School raising funds for the less privileged students.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Kristien.


Rotary Club Kinross Scotland

Our member Uwe Jönsson recently visited Rotary Club Kinross, Scotland where he exchanged club banners. On return to Estoi Uwe then presented the Kinross banner to President Bruno Costa.


Club Meeting
2 April 2019

We were delighted to welcome PDG Alfonso Malho who led a training session on the subject Rotary International, My Rotary. Our member Dora Luis kindly volunteered to assist by registering online to become a user of My Rotary.

We were also pleased to welcome fellow Rotarians Carmo Justo ADG RC Olhão, Vitor Justo RC Olhão and Isabel Lopes ADG RC Tavira and Abilio Lopes PDG RC Tavira.

We celebrated the birthday of founder Rotarian Agnete Sylvan and the weekly wine raffle was won by Kristien.


Club Meeting
20 March 2019

The club meeting hosted guest speaker Iga Pietrzak. Iga spoke passionately about the achievements of the Equity Movement which raises funds for educational support of Syrian refugee children in Jordan. Many thousands of the children have never known life outside the refugee camp. The project, founded just two years ago, is helping to give these children a future.

Also welcomed were Rotarian Andrew Shand from RC Marton New Zealand with his wife Trish.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Richard.


Lunch at Estoi School
14 March 2019

Members enjoyed lunch prepared and served by students at Estoi School. The wine raffle was won by Bill Mahoney and all profits from the day were donated to the school.


Fellowship Meeting, Albufeira
6 March 2019

Members of the club, together with guests, enjoyed a fellowship day at Albufeira where Christine Fay led a tour of the Old Town with some fascinating historical facts. The weather was rather dull but spirits were raised by a wonderful lunch at The Brasserie which is owned and run by our member Kristien Herbots.


District Governor Visit
20 February 2019

We were pleased to hold a special meeting to celebrate the visit of District Governor Ilda Braz who spoke about the importance of connecting Rotary with the outside world.

Also present were a number of guest Rotarians, ADG Isabel Lopes, Nicole Lanier, Jocqueline Devries, Diane Chandler, Bill Chandler, Pam Harrison, Maria Carmo Justo, Abilio Lopez, Teresa Correia and Joaquim Mendoza. We also welcomed Simon Moulson, Dhruv Gandahabhai and Jose Braz who gave a presentation on “Kit to start school” in Mozambique.


Rotary Training
2 February 2019

The club hosted a training day at Estoi School where participants learnt how to use My Rotary on the Rotary International Web Site.


Club Meeting
29 January 2019

At a very busy meeting we were delighted to welcome our guest speaker Diana Chantler . PDG RC Ontario, Canada and Michigan USA. Diane gave an impassioned talk on “West Meets East” describing a project to support schools in South Africa through the supply of school books and furniture. To date the project has shipped 70 containers of supplies to help support 315 schools.

Other guests included husband of Diana, Rotarian Bill Chantler from RC St Thomas Railway City Ontario; Rotarian Nancy Lovelock from RC St Thomas Ontaro with husband Paul; friends of Diana, Pat & Keith Gills; guests of Bruno, José Antonio Jeronimo, President Junta de Freguesia and Vice President Maria Guiomar Paulo; Tony Pass from the Resident Newspaper Group; and our honorary member Chris Garner.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Kristien.


Club Meeting
22 January 2019

At this meeting we were pleased to welcome visiting Rotarians Teresa Correia President of RC Faro, José Galamba from RC Almancil and Joaquim Mendoza from RC Faro together with Martin Oaks guest of Dean.

Our speaker was José Neutrel,  head nurse of paediatrics ward in Faro hospital. Together with Teresa, José gave a very interesting talk and demonstration of a small piece of medical equipment that RC Faro are trying to raise money to buy. He explained how its use can reduce fear and stress in the young patients. This is done by seeing the veins inside the body to ensure only one injection is needed.

Our guest Teresa won the weekly wine raffle.


Club Meeting
15 January 2019

At this meeting we were delighted to welcome our speakers Rute Gago and Elsa Silva from the Premature Birth Association.

We also took the opportunity to formally acknowledge the excellent service we always receive from the Pousada staff.


Christmas Dinner
11 December 2018

The club held its Christmas Dinner at Restaurante António, Moncarapacho.

To celebrate both Christmas and the internationalism of the club an international version of Jingle bells – sung in English, Portuguese, Swedish and French – was led by Rotarian Richard Thorpe and wife Carol

An impromptu song by local singer Cristina Paulo completed the evening.



Club Meeting
6 November 2018

As part of our 10 Years of Service celebrations President Bruno Costa presented framed photographs of the club’s 2008 charter handover to founding members Agnete Sylvan, Bill Mahoney and Shirley Dunne.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Agnete.


Club Meeting
16 October 2018

The club was delighted to welcome Stefan Holmberg as a new member, previously a member of Tingvalla Karistad Sweden.

Peter Booker of the Algarve History Association gave a fascinating talk on cartoon figures found on the airport metro line in Lisbon.

We welcomed fellow Rotarian Ernest of Fulda Paulustor, Germany.


Club Meeting
18 September 2018

The club welcomed guest Rotarians Harry Francis RC Frinton-on-Sea UK, Stefan Holmberg RC Tingvalla Karistad Sweden, Isabel Lopes ADG RC Tavira and Abilio Lopes PDG RC Tavira.

Harry spoke briefly about his club which has been in existence nearly 80 years.

Our member Vitor Rosão gave an informative talk on the Fundação Rotaria Portuguesa

The weekly wine raffle was won by our guest Isabel Lopes.


Club Meeting
4 September 2018

The club welcomed guest Rotarian Mary Turner from Rotary Club New Milton, UK.

Nicolas led the Rotary 4 Way Test, Uwe spoke enthusiastically about the recent visit to the organic herb farm, Dias de Aromas, and Peter updated the members on the successful golf tournament which was held at Monte Rei Golf and Country Club.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Uwe.


Dias de Aromas
2 September 2018

The club celebrated the 10th anniversary of its charter with a visit to the wonderful Dias De Aromas, an organic herb farm operated by the Dias family since 2013 . We were welcomed by owners Nuno and Laura and were given a fascinating tour of the herb farm and presented with samples of herbs along the way.

Lunch was served under a carob tree and included salads, paella and a special 10th anniversary cake all washed down with wine, a rosé sparkling wine (supplied by Phil) and a little home made medronho to go with coffee at the end.

It was a lovely day and special thanks go to President Bruno Costa for organising it.


2018 Rotary Charity Golf Tournament
29 August 2018

Our 6th annual Rotary Charity Golf Tournament at Monte Rei Golf and Country Club was our best ever.  Nearly 80 players signed up and enjoyed a day on Potugal’s number one golf course which included breakfast, driving range practice, 18 holes,  lunch, competition prizes and a raffle which featured superb prizes from our sponsors.

We thank:

  • Monte Rei Golf and Country Club
  • Blacktower Financial Group
  • Conrad Algarve
  • Porsche Algarve
  • The Algarve Resident
  • The Works Print Shop
  • Clubhouse Algarve Magazine

…and of course our players without whom none of this would have been possible.


Club Meeting
17 July 2018

This meeting saw the Blue Ribbon ceremony of new member Dora Luis who also gave a moving presentation on the need for adults and children to have a greater understanding of death.

We welcomed visiting Rotarians  from Rotary Club Tavira, Abilio Lopes, Isabel Lopes and their President José Anastácio.

Also present were guests Cristina Goreti, Goncalo Mequita, Ivo Dias and Maria Lourdes from the Algarve Oncology Association (AOA) who gave an informative talk on the achievements of the AOA since its inception in 1994.

The weekly raffle prize of a bottle of wine was won by club member Peter Zahner.


Club Meeting
3 July 2018

The first meeting of the new Rotary year was presided over by our new President, Bruno Costa. He welcomed visiting Rotarians Maria Calmo Justo and Vitor Justo from RC Olhão.

He also welcomed guests Andrew Ralph and Robert Levin along with Patricia Blake and Pedro Ferreira who represented the association Belez Dos Afectos, the main beneficiary of our recent White Dinner/ Branco ao Jantar. We were delighted to be able to present a cheque to Patricia and Pedro.

Rotarian, and club secretary, Pauline Burnham was presented with her third Paul Harris sapphire pin.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Vitor Justo who kindly donated it to the next raffle.


Presidential Handover
29 June 2018

This years’ Presidential Handover, from Manuela Robinson to our new President, Bruno Sousa Costa, took place at the Quinta da Senora Menina, Faro attended by club members, fellow Rotarians and many guests.

A splendid meal was followed by Manuela’s presentation of her year as President, the official handover ceremony, Bruno’s address and some short speeches by visiting Rotarians. The evening finished with entertainment from Rotarian Vitor Rosão and Isabella.

Manuela’s presentation can be downloaded here .
You will need PowerPoint to view this. Press your return key to start the slideshow.


Casa do Povo, Estoi
garden Renovation
June 2018

The recent Rotary musical evening at the Casa do Povo in Estoi raised over a thousand euros which was donated to the Casa do Povo to enable them to complete the garden renovations for the benefit of the Estoi community.

Click the link below to see some photos of the completed works.


Club Meeting
19 June 2018

It was Manuela Robinson’s final meeting as President before handing over to next year’s President, Bruno Sousa Costa at the end of June. Manuela brought along her guest Hugh Beaumont.

Our guest speaker this week, introduced by Nicolas de Cannière, was José Andrés Murillo, co-founder and director of the Fundación Para la Confianza who gave a presentation on the prevention of child sexual abuse in Chile and around the world..

President Manuela Robinson handed over a cheque for €1000 to Odette Sousa of the Casa do Povo, Estoi to enable the the Casa do Povo to complete the renovations on the rear garden for the benefit of the local community. This money was raised at the recent Musical Evening held at the Casa do Povo.

The weekly wine raffle was won by by our guest José Andrés Murillo.


Club Meeting
12 June 2018

In the absence of the club’s President, Manuela Robinson, this week’s meeting was presided over by Jim Ditheridge.

Our guests this week were Chris Shorter from Rotary Club Guildford, UK and Margie Keiran. Chirs gave a brief talk about his club.

Maria José Pires spoke passionately about the Algarve Oncology Association and how our club is now helping to buy a second mobile cancer screening unit.

Christine Fay was pleased to report a very successful White Dinner held last Saturday (see photos on this page) and Peter Zahner reported on the good progress being made for the 2018 Rotary Golf Tournament.

The weekly wine raffle was won by Richard Thorpe.

White Dinner at Escola de Hotelaria e Turismo, Faro.

White Dinner
9 June 2018

In liaison with Alliance Française and Rotary Club De Olhão we held our 4th Edition of Branco ao Jantar at Escola de Hoteleria e Turismo. The theme for the evening was celebrating the colour white and guests were all dressed white. A wonderful time was had by all.

Entertainment was provided by singer Vernon Delauney and the Argentine Tango dancers from the  Clube de Danças João de Deus.

Proceeds from the evening will go to A Associção Beleza dos Afetos which helps young people with special needs and the Algarve Food Bank which distributes food  to help people in need.



Club Meeeting
5 June 2018

At this club meeting we celebrated the birthday of Bill Mahoney.

We welcomed Veronica’s guests Eddie and Jane Burton

The weekly wine raffle was won by club member Peter Zahner.


20180522133717_IMG_2773 (2)

Club Meeeting
5 May 2018

At the club meeting we celebrated the birthday of Jim Ditheridge.

We were delighted to welcome guests from Wolf Valley Charity, which has been so generous and supportive of our club’s initiatives, President Paulo Chaves, Treasurer Graham Miller and David Miller of the Wolf Valley magazine.

We also welcomed Tony Pass from The Resident newspaper.

The weekly raffle of a bottle of wine was won by  our guest Paulo Chaves.



Music Evening
Casa Do Povo, Estoi
5 May 2018

The Casa Do Povo in Estoi was the venue for a music evening to celebrate the delivery of 50,000 litres of milk to the Estoi community since 2009. President Manuela Robinson acknowledged one of the instigators of the scheme, former Rotarian Kent Ringborn, who was in the audience.

Music was provided by All Mixed Up, a choir from Moncarapacho giving their first ever performance; Rattle ‘N Strum playing guitars, ukuleles and banjo; Bob Dylan tribute artist Boris Buggerov; and blues guitarist Pete Robinson.

Proceeds of nearly 1000 euros were donated to the Casa Do Povo to enable them to make improvements to the rear garden.


Club Meeting
24 April 2018

At our club meeting President-Elect Bruno Costa presented his aims and aspirations for next year.

We were delighted to welcome Rotarian Elisc Parick from Rotary Club Ulricchamn, Sweden and his guest Janne Tengrall.

The weekly raffle was won by Nicolas de Canniere.


Dora Luis Induction
24 April 2018

We were delighted to welcome new member Dora Luis to our club.


Club Meeting
17 April 2018

We were delighted to welcome District Governor Alfonso Malho as a guest at our meeting. New member Kristien Herbotts underwent the formal Blue Ribbon Ceremony and was presented with her final badge by mentor Pauline Burnham and the symbolic year badge by the District Governor.

The weekly raffle prize was won by guest Rotarian Maria Isabel Lopes, President of Rotary Club Tavira.


Carousel Operated By
Rotary Club Henley Beach, Adelaide
April 2018

This carousel, built in the 1920s, and situated at Semaphore near Adelaide is operated as a major fundraiser by Rotary Club Henley Beach. It was visited by club member Richard Thorpe and his family during a visit to Australia. It is the largest of its kind in Australia and has been modified to accommodate wheelchair users who are able to ride the carousel free of charge.

Rotary Image

Lunch at Estoi School
28 February 2018

Once again we held our club meeting at Estoi School where the students demonstrated their cooking and service skills by providing a fabulous meal.
Winner of the weekly raffle was Agnete Sylvan.

Please note our online photo hosting service closed down on 31st January 2020. This means that the “View Album” buttons  no longer redirect to the album of photos prior to February 2017. If you need access to any of these photos please contact the web administrator.

Romantic Charity Dinner

Romantic Charity Dinner
Restaurant Raízes
Santa Bárbara de Nexe
17 February 2018

A very special Romantic Dinner was held at Restaurant Raízes. Elegantly organised by Christine with help from Heikki and Bill.

Bill presented a beautiful red rose to each of the ladies.

Musical entertainment in the form of romantic songs was provided by Carol, Uwe, Vitor and Richard.

Raffle winners of bottles of bubbly, kindly donated by Christine, included club member Jack.

Superb food, such as Tender Confit of Black Pork, Amorous Fish Stew and Impetuous Pear Poached in Sexy Red Wine, was provided by chef Nuno Pinheiro and his excellent staff.

The evening raised 750 for local causes.


Guest Speakers
Elsa Fernandes & Daniela Faria
6 February 2018

Our guest speakers Elsa Fernandes and Daniela Faria gave a presentation and showed a short video about their work with the Associação Portuguesa de Paralisia Cerebral (cerebral palsy) based in Faro.


Raffle Winner
Maria José Pires
6 February 2018

President Manuela Robinson presents a bottle of wine to raffle winner Maria José Pires at our regular club meeting.

Kristien Herbots

Kristien Herbots
6 February 2018

We were delighted to induct Kristien as a new member at our regular club meeting on the 6th February 2018


Heikki Saavalainen
30 January 2018

We were delighted to induct Heikki as a new member having transferred from Rotary Club Joensuu, Finland.


Raffle Winner
30 January 2018

This week’s raffle was drawn by our guest Stefan Holmberg from Rotary Club Tingvalla, Karistad, Sweden. The winner of a bottle of fine wine was Rotarian Veronica Ondrejech who promptly and generously gave it to Master of Ceremonies Phil Wyndham in recognition of his services to the club.


Club Meeting
23 January 2018

Our guest speaker, Diane Chantler of Rotary Club St. Thomas Railway City, Ontario Canada, spoke of the need to develop membership recruitment and retention strategies and initiatives and to ensure our our club remains to potential members.

Pam Harrison, Rotary Club Sackville, New Brunswick Canada spoke about her experiences with Rotary Foundation.

Prospective member Kristien Herbots gave a five minute talk on her background.

Club member Vitor Rosáo won the bottle of wine donated by Bill Mahoney.


District Governor’s Visit
9 January 2018

At our first meeting of 2018 we were delighted to welcome District Governor Alfonso Malho and many guests. President Manuela Robinson and o Sr. Malho exchanged gifts which included a magnificent sculpture representing aspects and values of Rotary International.
Click here to see press report.

Rotary Image

Veronica Ondrejech is Inducted as New Member
12 December 2017

Veronica Ondrejech is inducted as a new member during the club’s Christmas Dinner meeting at Restaurante António, Moncarapacho.

Rotary Image

Christmas Dinner
12 December 2017

Rotary Estoi Palace Christmas Dinner, hosted by António and Margarida at Restaurante António, Moncarapacho.

Guests included Rotarians Claire Busbridge President Rotary Club Almancil, Sandy Glenny, John and Dorothy Slater, Mo Gova , Manuela Almeida Rotary Club Almancil, Heikki Saalvalainen Rotary Club Joensuu Finland; honorary member Odette Sousa, Mina Correia, Kent and Inge Ringborn, Kristien Herbots and Paul Vaandrager, as well as spouses, partners, children and friends of members.

The evening included the induction of our newest member Veronica Ondrejech.

Rotary Image

Guests Gudrun Lücke-Hogaust
Kristien Herbots and
Heikki Saalvalainen
5 December 2017

Guests Gudrun Lücke-Hogaust from Rotary Club Bad Worisbofen, Germany, Kristien Herbots and regular guest Heikki Saalvalainen from Rotary Club Joensuu, Finland joined us for lunch. Seen here with RCEPI President Manuela Robinson.

Rotary Image

Angela Weitmann
Wins the Weekly Raffle
5 December 2017

Angela Weitmann wins the weekly raffle, a bottle of wine donated by Jack Harvey.

Rotary Image

Bruno Costa, President-Elect
Presides Over Meeting
28 November 2017

Bruno Costa, President-Elect, presides over a club meeting for the first time.

Rotary Image

Preben Gjelstrup
Rotary Club Roskilde Østre, Denmark
28 November 2017

Preben Gjelstrup, visitor from Rotary Club Roskilde Østre, Denmark. Preben gave a brief talk about his club.

Rotary Image

Veronica Ondrejech Gives A Brief Introduction
28 November 2017

Veronica Ondrejech spends a few minutes telling members about her life and attraction to the Rotary organisation.

Rotary Image

Sven-Gustav Lindroos Wins Weekly Raffle
28 November 2017

Sven-Gustav Lindroos wins the weekly raffle prize of a bottle of wine. On this occasion a bottle of Bordeaux.


Jim Ditheridge
Raffle Winner
7 November 2017

Jim Ditheridge, Past-President, collects his raffle prize of a bottle of wine during our weekly meeting.

Rotary Image

Uwe Jönsson
Visit to Skövde-Billingen, Sweden
November 2017

Rotarian Uwe Jönsson was welcomed at his former club in Sweden where he was a member for 13 years before leaving in 1999.

Rotary Image

Club Meeting
14 November 2017

Guest speaker Karin Holmström talks about “Training Dogs To Help People”. Also in this gallery Uwe Jönsson displays the banner from his recent visit to his old Swedish club. Uwe also wins the weekly raffle prize.


Veronica Ondrejech
Visitor and Raffle Winner
October 2017

Visitor Veronica Ondrejech wins the first of our weekly raffle draws.

Rotary Image

Club Meeting
Estoi School
31 October 2017

Members of Rotary Club Estoi Palace International held their weekly meeting in Estoi school where the students prepared and served a wonderful meal. The meeting raised money to help buy the school a much needed new oven.


RCEPI Meetings
General Photos
October 2017

Some general photos taken at our weekly meetings during October 2017.


Benoit Van Aerden,
President RC Antwerp
October 2017

Benoit Van Aerden, President of Rotary Club Antwerp visits our club and exchanges banners with President Manuela Robinson.


Quiz Night
A Floresta, Almancil
October 2017

Our annual Quiz Night at A Floresta Restaurant, Almancil. Thanks to Question Master Shirley Dunne for organizing and presenting such a fun evening. Proceeds will be used to support our milk project which supplements the food packs supplied by the Faro Food Bank to underprivileged families in Estoi. For More details click here.


Uwe Jönsson
Presentation “Life in Africa”
October 2017

Rotarian Uwe Jönsson gives a fascinating talk about his life in Africa at our weekly club meeting.


Chris Shorter
RC Guildford, UK
October 2017

Chris Shorter from Rotary Club Guildford, UK visits our club and is seen here with RCEPI President Manuela Robinson.


Bill Mahoney
Rotary Rewards
October 2017

Rotarian Bill Mahoney talks about Rotary Rewards at our weekly meeting in Estoi Palace.


Mauro Figueiredo
President RC Loulé
September 2017

We welcomed Mauro Figueiredo, President of Rotary Club Loulé to our weekly meeting at Estoi Palace,


Simon Fisher
RC Mersea Island
August 2017

Simon Fisher from Rotary Club Mersea Island, UK visits our club and is seen here with president Manuela Robinson,

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Nicolas de Cannière
Blue Ribbon Ceremony
August 2017

New member Nicolas de Cannière at his Blue Ribbon ceremony which officially welcomes him as a full member of the Rotary Club Estoi Palace International. See here with Membership Secretary Peter Zahner and President Manuela Robinson.

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5th Rotary Golf Challenge
Monte Rei Golf Club
August 2017

The Rotary Club of Estoi Palace International held its 5th Annual Charity Golf day at Monte Rei Golf and Country Club on Thursday 31st August. The event raised approximately 5000 euros for various Rotary projects. For more details please click here.


Fellowship Lunch
Rocha de Grelheira
August 2017

Rotary members enjoy a Fellowship Lunch at Restaurante Rocha de Grelheira.


August 2017

Rotary Club of Estoi Palace International sponsored 15 year old Bruno from Estoi to go to a summer camp in Hungary. He was one of 16 teenagers from various parts of Europe taking part in this Summer Camp. Bruno gave a fascinating presentation of his adventure to Rotary members at their weekly meeting. For more detail please click here.


Richard Thorpe
Blue Ribbon Ceremony
August 2017

New Rotary member, Richard Thorpe, at his Blue Ribbon ceremony which officially welcomes him as a full member. He is seen here with Membership Secretary Peter Zahner and his sponsor Uwe Jönsson.