Membership FAQs

Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about Rotary membership.

Rotary members come from all walks of life and are able to offer many different skills to help us help others. We always try to fit skills to specific roles but we are open to any suggestions from members as to how their skills can be best utilized.

We expect the highest integrity from members. We expect you to come regularly to meetings and to participate in activities which both help to provide service to others and help the smooth running of the club.

Rotary is both a charitable endeavor and a social organisation. As well as knowing that you are helping those less able to help themselves you will also become part of the worldwide family of Rotary and will be welcome by other Rotary members and clubs wherever in the world you happen to find yourself. There are also worldwide fellowships covering a wide range of interests. At a local level you will be amongst like minded people and at club meetings we frequently invite interesting speakers.

The membership subscription is currently €200 per year which can be paid in 2 equal payments of €100 in January and July each year. In the event of financial hardship we may be able to make alternative arrangements.

It is important that you get to know us and we get to know you before any comittment is made on either side. So we usually suggest that you come along to 2 or 3 meetings as a guest (see Come to a Meeting). After that, and if you still want to become a member, we will talk you through the membership process and give you an application form to complete.

No. We are proud to be a multinational club and conduct all our official business through the English language, but we do not discourage members from using their own languages where approriate.

We have members of many different nationalities and it is normal for some members to spend time in their home countries. Since the pandemic has changed the way many organisations operate we are no exception and currently operate with two physical meetings per month at the Palácio de Estoi and two virtual meetings on Zoom. We are working towards enabling both physical and virtual meetings to happen at the same time so that members away from the Algarve may, if they wish, join in our meetings online. Equally you will be welcome at the club meetings of other Rotary clubs all around the world.


Yes, the days are long gone when only men could join Rotary. Here at Rotary Club Estoi Palace we have a 50/50 split men and women.