Margarida was born with the very rare disease, multiple congenital arthrogryposis, which means she is confined to a wheelchair.  When she was younger calipers could enable her to walk, but the waiting list for them was long and  Rotary Club Estoi Palace International (RCEPI) together with childrens charity ACCA stepped in to help her and purchased calipers for her.

Margarida is now 15 years old and attends the local Estoi school, Escola Poeta Emiliano da Costa. She is back in a wheelchair permanently now as the calipers can no longer help and she had not yet had the second of two very much needed operations, which should have been done two years ago.  Her illness is extremely rare and, therefore, there are not many doctors capable of operating on her. The operations are vital if Margarida is to walk again and must be done now.

With the help of the Estoi school, Rotary Club Estoi Palace International, the local community of Estoi, a “Street Party” and ACCA, funds were raised for the first operation which was carried out in August.  Her surgeon is delighted with the results and is keen to do the second operation before the end of the year. RCEPI is organising fund raising events to raise the money required for this which will be around 12.000 euros.

Without this second operation Margarida will be in a wheelchair for the rest of her life. She is a lovely, bright girl from a severely disadvantaged family. She has not let her disability hold her back and in the past, when she had support devices on her legs, she was able to do everything other children do: walk, run, dance etc.  She deserves to walk again as she is a fighter.

RCEPI needs your help to fulfil this dream of Margarida, her family, her class, her school, and the whole village of Estoi. We all want to see Margarida walk again.

Thank you for your donation.


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